a takeoff on

a takeoff on
• založený na stejném nápadu

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  • Takeoff — is the phase of flight in which an aircraft goes through a transition from moving along the ground (taxiing) to flying in the air, usually starting on a runway. For balloons, helicopters and some specialized fixed wing aircraft (VTOL aircraft… …   Wikipedia

  • Takeoff/Go-around switches — (TO/GA) are switches activated on the autothrottle of an autopilot of a modern aircraft. It has two modes, takeoff (TO) and go around (GA).The switch is the same for both takeoff and go around modes, the autopilot throttle programming knows what… …   Wikipedia

  • Takeoff — Take off , Take off Take off , n. 1. An imitation, especially in the way of caricature; used with of or on; as, the comedian did a hilarious takeoff on the president. [1913 Webster +PJC] 2. The spot at which one takes off; specif., the place from …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • takeoff — take‧off [ˈteɪkɒf ǁ ɒːf] noun [countable] COMMERCE the time when an activity, business, industry, or economy starts being successful: • The business enjoyed a fast takeoff …   Financial and business terms

  • takeoff — [n1] leaving ascent, climb, departure, hop, jump, launch, liftoff, rise, upward flight; concept 148 Ant. arrival, coming, landing takeoff [n2] mockery, satire burlesque, caricature, cartoon, comedy, imitation, lampoon, mocking, parody, ridicule,… …   New thesaurus

  • takeoff — (n.) also take off, caricature, colloquial, 1846, from earlier sense of thing that detracts from something, drawback (1826), from TAKE (Cf. take) (v.) + OFF (Cf. off). Meaning act of becoming airborne is from 1904 in reference to aircraft; in… …   Etymology dictionary

  • takeoff — [tāk′ôf΄] n. 1. the act of leaving the ground from any angle, as in jumping, launching, or flight: cf. LIFTOFF 2. the place from which one leaves a surface 3. ☆ a) the starting point or launching stage b) Econ. the early stages of rapid, self… …   English World dictionary

  • takeoff distance required — i. The horizontal distance required to accelerate from a standing start with all engines operating to achieve a safety speed at a height of 50 ft above the takeoff surface, multiplied by 1.15 for airplanes with a maximum takeoff weight of 4500 lb …   Aviation dictionary

  • takeoff — [[t]te͟ɪkɒf, AM ɔːf[/t]] takeoffs also take off 1) N VAR Takeoff is the beginning of a flight, when an aircraft leaves the ground. The aircraft crashed after takeoff from Heathrow in a reservoir... The commuter plane was waiting for takeoff... 2) …   English dictionary

  • takeoff distance available — i. As it pertains to fixed wing aircraft, TODA is the total distance from the brake release to reference zero at the screen. The takeoff distance can be more than the total runway length available in extreme cases; the available takeoff distance… …   Aviation dictionary

  • takeoff power — The amount of power that an engine is allowed to produce for a limited period of time for takeoff. The use of takeoff power is usually limited to 5 min for reciprocating engines and up to 21/2 min for gas turbine engines. This may not always be… …   Aviation dictionary

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